Tips + Tricks: Finding Flights on the Low Low

“So how do you find cheap flights?”

By far this is the most frequently asked question for those who live a wanderful life. But hold up, why are airline tickets so expensive nowadays?

Thanks to airline bankruptcies, mergers and partnerships in recent years, the span of competition within the industry has declined drastically. Airlines now have less of a need to offer cheaper flights to beat out their competitors. Combine this with a higher cost of fuel, increased airport and security fees, along with a reduction of routes post 9/11 in order to fly planes at a fuller capacity you get even more $$$ added to those ticket prices.

While there’s no doubt airline prices have skyrocketed in the last decade, we’ve put together 6 tips + tricks that may help you find a perfect flight at just the right price.

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Finding cheap flights is like a scavenger hunt. While you’ll never be able to predict when the airlines will be offering their cheapest flights (unless you work in the pricing department for an airline, to which, please lets be friends), using multiple search engines is like reading the clues to find the prize.


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