Island Dreaming: Top 20 Hawaii Bucket List

As temperatures start to drop with winter approaching, what better time to start your island day dreaming? From breathtaking ocean views and lush tropical rainforests, Hawaii is the perfect getaway to satisfy those island cravings. After becoming more than just a...

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The Good Life: 3 Nights in Miami, Florida

Price Point: ✪✪✪✪✪ Currency: Euro Language: Spanish Food To Try: Croquetas Tipping: 5% for meals/round up on drinks Where to Stay: South Beach Transportation: Train(from Madrid to Toledo:35 Min) Miami is absurd. Drive just 3 hours south of Orlando and it’ll feel like...

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Drinking Around the World at Epcot

The morning after I was vehemently craving a greasy burger. My Mom asked, "Hungover, huh?" Yes Mom, I am. It started off with just one innocent Yuengling tall boy.  Followed by one inconspicuous lunchtime melon drink. Then a margarita in Mexico. Sake in Japan. Then...

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