Around the World in 24 Doors: Europe

Hi, I’m Alex and I love doors.

Tiny doors, wide doors, purple doors, wooden doors – you name it, I love ’em in all shapes and sizes. It’s a sickness really, trying to walk to your destination but having this unrelenting need to stop and take a photo of a door…someone else’s door. Getting caught taking a picture of this persons door. Walking away briskly acting like you didn’t just take a picture of their door. Although all signs were pointing toward door obsession early on, I didn’t really know it was a thing until my last trip to Prague when I got hardcore called out for it by my travel companions. Later, after I came home, I looked through my travel photos of the last few years. And damn there were a lot of doors. I won’t divulge how many exactly but just know it was a lot. So for the sake of The Walrus and you lovely readers, I’ve narrowed it down (mainly because it made a cute title) to my top 24 doors in Europe. This post is dedicated to all those out there who’ve waited for me to stop and take a photo of a door. You the real MVP.


I mean just look at this beaut!

Czech Republic

Doors that you’d only see on an apartment building in a city like Prague


Then there are doors with curious little paintings…

Kerry Bog Village,

& then you have wee red doors…

Sanssouci Palace
Potsdam, Germany 

Then there’s the ‘who would actually use this door’ type of door and wait, maybe it’s actually a window but for the sake of this article let’s just call it a door because it’s too pretty to exclude


Old doors in secret winding passage ways…

Berlin, Germany

One of my favorites: a door that isn’t really a door? Or is it? Why yes, yes it is a door! And also the epitome of Berlin.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Sofia, Bulgaria

Doors on crazy beautiful cathedrals like the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Bulgaria’s capital

St. Mark’s Church
Zagreb, Croatia

And more doors on crazy looking churches

St. Vitus Cathedral
Prague, Czech Republic

Think think it’s safe to say I have a thing for church doors… 


& doors that are still beautiful even without all the grandeur


Then the doors that are a spot of bright color in a wall of muted hues


Doors that are literally crooked… I think these builders may have visited a “coffee shop” or two beforehand

St. Colman’s Cathedral
Cobh, Ireland

Oh hey look more church doors



Then the doorway-tunnel contraptions leading to what appears to be a circus? P.S.: it wasn’t.

—17 Prague,
Czech Republic

My friends picked this one out, they said, “Hey Alex here’s a pretty good looking door for ya!” Thanks mates.


Doors that look like they drink Sherry and read leather bound books


& then doors that drink dry martini’s


Then there’s doors dressed better than me


Doors you just gotta do the flamino in front of


& doors that look like Zeus is about to waltz on through


Doors in an ancient walled city that feel like a fairytal.

Vučijaković Mosque
Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina 

And of course you can’t forget about historic doors like these. Keen to learn more about this door? Check out my travel guide to Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

What are some of your traveling idiosyncrasies? You can bet your bottoms this won’t be the last door post on The Walrus.

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  1. I always pose in doors and entrances. always! This post made me realize that I like doors too! lol

  2. I love looking at the doors in Europe! Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures.

  3. Wow! Every one of those doors is so unique and I love them! I don’t think any specific one is my favourite… I love all of them!

  4. Wow this is amazing! These doors are so pretty, thanks for sharing <3


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